What is a Buyers Club?


Buyer’s clubs have played an important role in solving access to medicine challenges in many countries around the world over many years. The Hollywood film, Dallas Buyer’s Club, was a fictionalised account of the buyer’s clubs which sprung up in the 80s and 90s in response to the lack of access to HIV treatment.

In recent years, buyer’s clubs have been created in response to the lack of access to medicines due to excessive pricing or monopoly exploitation from patent holders. The high prices of many patented medicines have resulted in lack of access in many countries. In the UK the NHS rationed access to the transformative, curative hepatitis C medicine, sofosbuvir due to the high price. It also fought a court battle to avoid responsibility for providing access to the HIV preventative medicine, PrEP, due to the anticipated cost. In both cases quality-assured generic versions of the drug were available in other countries for a small fraction of the price of the patented medicine.

Buyer’s clubs enable patients to understand their right to procure these more affordable versions of the drug, providing information that allows them to buy the medicine they need. In some cases they help patients to club together and secure a discounted price.

Many hundreds of UK patients have been cured of hepatitis C using generic versions of sofosbuvir bought through online buyer’s clubs, and every week thousands of UK citizens take generic PrEP to protect themselves from HIV using pills bought through buyer’s clubs.

The hepatitis C buyers club can be found at fixhepc.com and the PrEP buyers club is at iwantprepnow.com


What will the CF Buyers Club do for me?


We have started talks with manufacturers who are already producing generic versions of ivacaftor and lumacaftor+ivacaftor. We are working with them to secure a stable supply of medicines to people with Cystic Fibrosis around the world.

We are working with a number of experts to test the quality of the generic medicines, to be able to prove they have the same quality and quantity of the active ingredients and are safe to use.

By registering your interest, we will have a larger collective purchasing power which will help us negotiate the best price possible from the generic manufacturers.


What will the CF Buyers Club not do?


It is important to understand that you will not purchase the medicines from the Buyers Club. You will purchase directly from the generic manufacturer, who will deliver the medicines to your door.