If you are based in the UK and are interested in buying generic ivacaftor or ivacaftor-lumacaftor please sign up to our mailing list to register your interest. Once we have undertaken all of the steps needed to ensure the safety and efficacy of the medicines we will share the information you will need to purchase the medicines directly from the manufacturer.

Here are the key steps in the process:

  • You will need to get a prescription for you (or your child) for the medicines. This is likely going to have to be a private prescription. We are working to reach an agreement with a doctor who can do this for all prospective buyer’s club members, but that has not been confirmed yet.

  • You will scan and email the prescription to the manufacturer and they will share information on how you can make an online payment for the first three month’s supply.

  • They will arrange courier delivery of the medicine to your address. There is a chance you may have to pay customs duty and VAT to the government - again we are working to confirm this with the authorities.

  • You or your child will take receipt of the medicine and begin treatment. You will need to coordinate with your NHS medical team, as they will need to supervise your treatment. There is strong precedent for this within the NHS and some NHS CF teams have already confirmed that they are willing to do this.

  • After a couple of months you will process another transaction and arrange delivery of another three months’ supply from the generic manufacturer.


Outside the UK


We have confirmed the legal and medical issues which need to be addressed in the UK. Whilst most other countries around the world will have similar laws allowing buyer’s clubs to operate, we cannot confirm the exact context in every country. If you are based somewhere other than the UK and are interested in purchasing the generic cystic fibrosis medicines please register your interest on the form and we will contact you.